Triptych of images - jute being grown
twin image of jute growing on a hillside


We have over five decades of experience in manufacturing and importing premium quality materials from reputable companies. Jimpex UK is a prominent name in the supply of polypropylene, coir and jute products to the packaging and geo-textile industries in the UK and abroad. Our entire product range is known for its quality and has earned us a reputation that has earned us a leading market position. Our mission is dedication to quality and providing for customer requirements. This has resulted in long term relationships with our clients, large and small, and we promise new customers the same service. Whilst Jimpex Overseas Ltd has a strong international reputation and Jimpex UK Packaging Ltd serves mainly the domestic market, family ownership ensures our commitment to being small enough to care.

Our Products

We stock a wide range of products for the UK market including high quality polypropylene bags and fabric on the roll supplied in different widths suitable for bed manufacture, agriculture and the horticultural industries, and also sheeting, twine and packaging accessories. We also specialise in procuring direct from the manufacturer customised packaging products of varied shapes, sizes, colours and print matter. This includes goods made to specification from polythene, polypropylene, jute and coir for the UK and overseas markets. Increasingly we are expanding sales in environmentally friendly eco-products.

Why choose us?

Our constant pursuit of excellence and quality has enabled us and has strengthened our client base. We are second to none in delivering customized products made to exacting standards. We have built up a reputation that separates us from our competitors for :-

Bullet point markerReliability

Bullet point markerTechnical expertise and knowledge

Bullet point markerCustomer support

twin picture of jute growing

Bullet point markerExacting quality standards

Bullet point markerCompetitive prices

Bullet point markerBulk supply capacity

Bullet point markerSpecialised goods made to order

triptych of images of jute growing in a field