Coir(framed)Coir is a 100% sustainable natural fibre that is made from the husk or outer layer of coconuts, it is widely used to make products such as floor/door mats, brushes, hanging baskets liners as well as being used as padding in upholstery.

In addition, Coir as a natural resistance to rot, moulds and moisture it is also strong and extremely durable and as such makes it an ideal fabric to use for controlling erosion whilst allowing vegetation to flourish.

At Jimpex UK Packaging we have a range of options that Coir can be supplied in, these are:

  • Coir Matting – various widths, lengths & weights.
  • Coir Loop Matting – various weaves, widths and weights.
  • Coir Braid – various ply’s.
  • Coir Yarn
  • Finished Products – domestic and commercial floor/door mats & hanging basket liners.

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