Bulk Bags

Bulk Bags (Dumpy Bags)

Bulk bags or dumpy bags, also known as ‘Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers’ or FIBC bags, are made from durable, high-strength woven polypropylene.

Our Standard Range of bulk bags are used by various industries as the ideal packaging solution for the easy filling, discharging, storing and transporting of materials such as aggregates, logs and granules.

We also offer a Specialist Range of bulk bags which are manufactured and certified to meet industry standards for the storage and transportation of materials such as food and pharmaceuticals, and other materials which are hazardous or require anti-static/conductive properties.

Standard Range of Bulk Bags

Specialist Range of Bulk Bags

Bags from our Standard Range are available for immediate dispatch (during office hours) from stock held in our warehouse. If you require a non-standard bulk bag, or are ordering from our Specialist Range, then we will provide a delivery date once we have discussed the options you require.

Bulk Bag Options

Our non-standard and Specialist Range of bulk / dumpy bags are configurable and come with a range of options, including:

  • Custom sizes, load, safety factor, and fabric type
  • Bulk Bag Design (eg fabric colour and finish, or lift, fill & discharge systems)
  • Colour Printing Service – a high impact, cost effective way to market your business

All of our bags are manufactured to the highest standards using only the best UV-protected materials that are strength tested and fully certified by independent industry recognised test houses. Full details of the certification for individual product ranges are available on request.

Whatever your requirements, Jimpex UK Packaging have a solution to suit your needs. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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