ADR / UN Certified Bulk Bags

UN Certified Bulk Bags FIBCOur ADR / UN certified bulk bags are designed and manufactured to the highest of standards in order to comply with the United Nations recommendations on the transportation of Dangerous Goods, also known as “Orange Book” goods.

Our UN certified bulk bags go through a vigorous testing process both in-house and by independent test houses to meet the UN certification status. Tests applied include a Top Lift, Tear, Stacking, Drop, Topple & Righting test.

Types of UN Certified Bulk Bags

There are four types of ADR / UN certified bulk bags available that can be produced for packaging groups II & III materials, these are:

  1. 13H1 – PP Woven FIBC’s, without coating.
  2. 13H2 – PP Woven FIBC’s, coated.
  3. 13H3 – PP Woven FIBC’s, with liner, without coating.
  4. 13H4 – PP Woven FIBC’s, with liner, coated.

In compliance with the United Nations “Orange Book” all of our ADR / UN certified bulk bags come with the required markings, as in the example below:


At Jimpex we are able to design, manufacturer and supply ADR / UN certified bulk bags to meet your individual needs, to see what options are available please click here, or for a specific enquiry please contact us.

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